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Why GitFunded?

Internet has provided a great way to collaborate for profit or non profit. It surely paved a way for so many ideas to turn into actual products that made our lives easier. But just an open network cannot help every innovations to come to light. May be due to lack of reach or lack of trust to take an idea to a higher grounds.

We wanted to create a platform where it is convenient for any project to reach out to the masses and get funded and also keep the project supporters in a loop about the progress.

What is GitFunded?

GitFunded aims to provided a sustainable funding for open source software (OSS) community. It tries to overcome some of the issues in the existing funding, bounty platform with the help of decentralized system.

Although we initially integrated the funding solution for GitHub, we look forward to more integrations and reach a wider developer community.

Literature review

Existing solutions for funding public goods (developers, maintainers, promoters) in Ethereum community:

Existing solutions for funding the open source community:

How GitFunded is different?

  • None of the grant platforms on Ethereum keep track of how the grant funds are spent
  • So, GitFunded is not just a grant or bounty platform but also an issue tracker and governance platform

Following features summarize GitFended's approach to fund and govern the open source projects.

GitFunded features

Project creation

  • Create a project (GitHub) to get funded
    • Tell about the project, organization.
    • Define admins, initial members and contributors
    • Set the budget for the project

Project funding (grants)

  • Sponsor any of the public projects (One time/ recurring)

Project management

  • Create issues/ tasks (proposals) for the project and attach a cost

    • Create a new task or select an existing task and attach the bounty
    • Mention the acceptance criteria (Number of votes, deadline)
  • Create expenses to maintain the project

    • Add founders fees
    • Add any expense of the project and get it approved from the community
  • Post events and updates

    • Announce conferences, workshops, meetups

Project governance

  • Governance system inspired by MolochDAO
  • Members can govern the proposals for tasks and expenses


  • Assist to Exchange currencies and file taxes
    • Integrating exchanges and accounting assists


  • Easy on boarding
  • Easy to manage/ monitor the activities of the projects
  • Use crypto currencies or stable coins to fund the projects
  • Improved transparency over the budget allocations for dev tasks/ expenses
  • Governance of project funds and activities
  • Wider access to funding though DAO platforms